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Issue Of National Identity Card

Identity Card, the Trusted Personal Identity.


Assumed identity for all Sri Lankan Citizens.



To create a database of all citizens of Sri Lanka and issue National Identity Cards recognized nationally and globally to all Sri Lankan citizens, which underline their human, social, economic, political and legal rights within the country and safety outside the country, to assist national and other agencies in establishing the identity of any citizen and to support Sri Lanka’s national security and development.



  • Collection of personal data of every Sri Lankan citizen, establishment of national persons registry and maintain it as a data storage.
  • Registration of every Sri Lankan citizen who has completed the eligible age and issue National Identity Cards.
  • Confirmation of personal data of Sri Lankan citizens.
  • Exchange of information and knowledge with state or other organizations.
  • Building the capacity of the department through modern technology and human resource development.
  • Facilitate national security and development process of the country.