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Health care

Traditional medicine as well as western medicine are most popular  in Ingiriya Divisional Secretariat.

Indigenous Medicine

There are  number of doctors in Indigenous Medicine sector and  most of them are focused on the generation of the industry. Today, most of them referred to this sector because of  industry . The majority of local doctors and medical Physicians,In addition, damage is broken, and toxic medicine such as dermatology, Dr. few. The few known doctors. Ec.jayavardhana (physicians), HR. Māgiris (Snake Medicine), RA .Ariyasena so few of those famous. Hataradesin these patients are coming to the island.

Western Medicine
in Ingiriya Divisional Secretariat.

Ingiriya hospital containing the major part of the western meditation and it is the main health center of the Ingiriya Division.


Hospital staff information Ingiriya


Doctors             - 07

Nurses              - 20

clerks                - 04

Dentists             - 01

Medical Laboratory Technologist    - 01

Laboratory assistants                     - 01

Drug pigment                                 - 01

attender Male                                 - 06

attender female                              - 10

General Labour Male                       - 06

General Labour Female - 06

Chef                                               - 02

Watcher                                         - 02

Total staff                                     -  67



Nearest main medical centers - Contact Details

Center                          Telephone No.

Ingiriya                                        034-2269212

Mathugama                                  034-2247261

Panadura                                     034-2232261

Horana                                         034-2261261

Nagoda                                        034-2222261

Bandaragama                               034-2290261

Nebada Ayurvedic Hospital 034-2275123

Baduraliya                                   034-2244235

Pimbura                                       034-2244461

Meegahathenna                           034-2284061

Iththeepana                                034-2274460

Bulathsinhala                               034-2283161

Darga Town                                 034-2276162