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Social Services Division

Social Services Division


To lead a path way for a hospitable society based on the citizen rights


To harmonize the socially less beneficial community towards a national development with means of social welfare and social development principles and the continuation of the leadership practices



To assist the socially less beneficial community for to be the share holders of national development


CBR Theory

This theory is functioning under the principles of the world charter for the physically imbalanced people. Further this is strengthening by the two principles of the empowerment and the long term continuation.


Basic Principles

  • Respecting of the physically imbalanced people’s independence, self- respect, ….
  • Avoidance from the criticizing and the marginalization
  • Social integration and full productive social participation
  • Respecting the physically disabled people’s assortment and consideration of them as a part of the human community
  • Social opportunities
  • Entrance Facilities
  • Male female equality
  • Protection of the identity and the skills of the physically disabled children


Main Functions

  1. Provision of aids and equipments.
  2. Issuing senior citizenship Identity cards
  3. Issuing Dry rations