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Planning Division

Planing Division



Coordination and development of physical and human infrastructure in order to achieve a dynamic, economical and social development



  • Standardization of the life style of the people
  • Encouragement of viable setting for an economic development
  • Development of infrastructure
  • Empowerment of house hold units
  • Enhancement of economic development opportunities



  • Strengthen of  household of the 31 Grama Niladari divisions
  • Investment of Gama Naguma, divisional budget and other government financial assets for a minimum development gaps and maximum encouragement of social needs
  • Stabilization of the physical and human asset progress of the development projects to the level of 100%.
  • Continuation of a formal and efficient coordination to resolve the economic and social short comes of the people in the division
  • Coordination, supervision and evaluation of all the development based activities of the division

Main Functions

  • Accommodating the development principles of the division
  • Management of the overall development of the division under the basic criteria of the development
  • Practicing of the structural development process
  • Acting as the facilitator for the development activities of the private sector
  • Strengthening the tourism industry in the division
  • Coordination, supervision and evaluation of the overall development process in the division
  • Launching of the Divi Naguma programme
  • Launching of the Gamanaguma
  • Carrying out the district budget development programme
  • Practicing of the provincial road development programme
  • Assisting for the Divisiont integrated development plan
  • Identifying the development needs in the regional level and assisting to find solutions for them
  • Assisting to draft the resource outlook of the divisional secretariat divisions
  • Drafting of the resource outlook of Gama Naguma
  • Decision making and implementing of them in the divisional level for the Divi Naguma programme