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Accounts Division

Accounts Division


Management of expenses of the institution with the funds allocated to its  vote, preparation of accounts of accounts connected with them, payment of salary, payment of overtime etc are carried out by the Accounts Division.


Main Functions

  1. Preparing the procurement plan of the year
  2. All the activities related to payments
  3. Conducting Board of surveys
  4. Handling Audit queries
  5. Preparing financial statements

Other Functions

  • Preparation of financial plans for the annual budget
  • Obtaining treasury funds
  • Disbursements of funds for research and development projects according to the action plans prepared by the technical divisions
  • Responsible for all recurrent payments including salaries, traveling, loans etc.
  • Monitoring all finance flow movements and reporting progress to the DG, Ministry and Treasury
  • Monitoring the use of external funds
  • Supporting to auditing activities conducted by Internal Audit Branch and the staff of the Audit department.