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Vidatha Service Center


Vidatha Resource Center was established in 2005.09.23 at Ingiriya inside of Ingiriya Divisional Secretariat office  and new building was established in 24.02.2007 by former Science and Technology Minister Prof. Tissa Vitarana.



Our Mission

Spread Science and technology to the grass roots promotion of the rural areas of small and medium scale entrepreneurs to create scientific and technological knowledge and skills, providing technical assignments and thereby boost employment, unemployment, poverty and corruption.



Our Vision

Hiring a full strength of science and technology for the development of Sri Lankan life, giving priority to villages not yet take into progress



Role of Vidatha Resource Center

Identifying entrepreneurs

Transfer of technologies

New products on display

Improving computer literacy

Promote self-employment

Promoting social science

Assisting entrepreneurs to the standards for items

Assisting them to Bank Loans



staff of Ingiriya Science Resources Center

Science and Technology Officer
Mrs. R.A.D. Niroshini
Computer Data Entry Operetor
Mres. W.D. Lasanthika Malkanthi
Field Coordinator Mr. K.K.W. Hemantha Kahawala
Office Assistant Mrs. Panchami