Adoption of a Child

  • Age of the adoptee child should not be more than 14years.
  • Requirements to be met by the applicant

       - He / She should be more than 25 years of age
      - The age gap between the applicant and the adoptee child should be at least 21 years
      - This will not apply if the child concerned is a descendant of the applicant / his brother or sister / any of their married partners
  • Child's consent is required if he / she is over 10 years old
  • Spouses (husband and wife) should produce an application
  • Order of adoption is issued by the District Court
  • This order should be registered at the Registrar General's Department
  • Birth of the adoption child can be re-registered
  • Following documents should be submitted for re-registration of such birth

      - application for re-registration of birth
      - Parents' marriage certificate
      - parents' birth certificates
      - Adoption certificate
  • The application for re-registration of a birth should be produced to the Zonal Office of the Registrar General's Department to which the area where the child is born belongs to.

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